Purple route
Difficulty: easy – 4 to 7 years
Lifeline; “Saferoller”
The purple route is built for those who are taller than 1 m. The kids are all along connected to a continuous lifeline and they can manage the whole route by themselves on 2 to 4 metres above the ground. The parents have at any time the possibility to support their kids from the ground and monitor their improvement. 
Yellow route
Difficulty: easy – from 8 years
Safety system “CLiC-iT” (intelligent carabiners)
This route guides you through 15 inventive activities on 3 to 5 metres above the ground. It’s a suitable beginning for your climbing park adventure on a moderate altitude.
Green route
Difficulty: medium – from 8 years
Safety system “CLiC-iT” (intelligent carabiners)
The green route is already a real expedition in the trees on 3 to 10 metres. This route is diversified but still without very difficult challenges. But take care, already now you’re located high above the ground and the level is increasing. Suitable for those who get through the yellow route without major difficulty.
  Blue route
Difficulty: challenging – from 12 years (from 8 years if accompanied by an adult)
Safety system “CLiC-iT” (intelligent carabiners)
The blue route is a round trip in the tree tops up to 27 metres. It is the longest route of the park with some nice zip lines (140 m). For all those, big or small, who get through the green route without major difficulty.
Red route
Difficulty: very difficult – from 12 years
Safety system “CLiC-iT” (intelligent carabiners)
The red route offers a series of sportive challenges in a dizzy height of 3 to 28 metres. To overcome the obstacles high above the ground, you need a lot of strength and courage, especially the “snowboard” is a real challenge. For sportsmen and sportswomen!
  Black route
Difficulty: impossible! – from 16 years (from 12 years if accompanied by an adult)
Safety system “CLiC-iT” (intelligent carabiners)
The black route is not suitable for everyone. People who dare to go on this route have to be in a very good physical shape as a lot of muscles, courage and attentiveness is demanded. In dizzy surroundings one extremely difficult obstacle follows the previous.
Route “Zig-Zag” – endless zip lines

Difficulty : medium /difficult – from 12 years

Route “zig-zag” offers zip lines of totally 450 metres, devided in 7 zip lines and two obstacles.



Sensation :  from 10 years (from 8 years if accompanied by an adult)

“Quick Jump”: 

2 separate escalades to climb up to more than 10 metres, to be followed by a “free fall”. After the courageous jump you slow down and reach the floor smoothly.